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Discover Climbing Nevis

I love a good strong font! They’re great for catching someone’s attention whether it’s on a poster, in an advert or as a big heading in a magazine. It’s one of the reasons why I created my first font Glaschu.

This time around, I wanted to make a condensed font which would create the same kind of impact as Glaschu but with both uppercase and lowercase characters as well as alternative styles for extra font fun!

Climbing Nevis Font Family

Climbing Nevis is the original font style with bold condensed letters giving it a clean and modern look.

Climbing Nevis Alt is similar to Climbing Nevis but has rounded corners for a softer look. The letters ‘J’ and ‘j’ are also slightly different.

Climbing Nevis Rough is an eroded version of Climbing Nevis giving it that rugged, outdoor appearance – great for adventure themed projects

Climbing Nevis Font Family

You can preview all 3 font styles on the Climbing Nevis product page as well as seeing more examples of them in use.

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