Before using any font, it's always important to check what you can and can't do with it.

Free font license


  • Use the font for personal and commercial projects.
  • Use the font in logos, print, web and digital projects.
  • Use the font in artwork for saleable items (eg mugs, t-shirts) where the font is part of a larger piece of artwork.


  • Modify the font or create other fonts based on it.
  • Sell modified versions of the font.
  • Make the font directly downloadable from your website. You should link to the appropriate page at

PREmium FONT licenseS


Braw Type fonts are sold through third party marketplaces who provide their own licensing agreement when a font a purchased. You should always check the license offered before buying your chosen font and the restrictions on who can use it. If someone else wishes to use the font, they may need to purchase a separate font license.

Braw Type fonts are sold at:
The Hungry Jpeg and Font Bundles.

If you wish to share our premium fonts, you should link to the appropriate page on this website or to the product page from the marketplace which you purchased it from.

Premium and free Braw Type fonts are copyrighted. 
Copyright is not transferred when fonts are either downloaded from this website or bought from a third party marketplace.