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Hey Hogmanay

Hey Hogmanay

A fun monoline script font!

With it’s clean, handwritten style Hey Hogmanay is perfect for flyers, posters, invitations, greeting cards, gift ideas and much more! It also plays really well with sans serif fonts making it a creative choice for logos and branding!

Hey Hogmanay includes a set of ligatures, including ‘double letter’ ones, to add extra variety to your words! Just remember to turn on discretionary ligatures in your OpenType software.

Hey Hogmanay Caps includes a completely separate set of letters for those moments when you just want to type in all caps! Each letter has been specifically designed to work together where the script font may be a bit tricky.

Both fonts offer multilingual support.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Demo font shows A-Z and a-z characters only.